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Power Generation with Renewable Energy Resources

Muddassir Katchi December 31, 2013 Comments Off

Efficient and sufficient energy resources have been one of the major concerns revolving around power generation and distribution. With majority of the nations nowadays using coal, oil and natural gas as their means of energy source – discussions about the complete reliance on fossil fuels shows a significant shift to new energy resources that countries should start maximizing.

According to Wikipedia, about 16% of global energy consumption came from renewable energy resources. Wind power is currently the most used resource worldwide with a 30% annual growth rate in Asia, Europe and the United States of America – denoting the possibilities of gradual decrease in usage of fossil fuels as a means of energy source for production and technological advancements.

Renewable Energy Resources
Renewable energy sources like solar, wind and water are the types of energy sources that can remain abundant over time. They are the most abundant energy sources on Earth that can be used by nations to industrializations and continue to advance with the use of ‘almost’ unlimited energy resource. It has been noted that in replacement to fossil fuels, time will come that these renewable energy resources will be more efficient and cheaper to produce and use. However, some experts say that these renewable energy resources should not be the main energy source for global economic development due to its unsteadiness, thus resulting into difficulty to distribute and transmit.

In relation to the use and viability of renewable energy resources in today’ economic stability, Wall Street Journal had released a discussion of experts about their views on the most promising renewable energy resource that could account as a major energy source in the near future. You can read the discussions here.

An Alternative Energy Source
The efficiency of these mainstream sources is mainly dependent on geographic locations and the abundance of these resources on those locations. This is one of the problems associated to harnessing natural resources for energy where collection and production is reliant to the natural occurrence of these energy sources.

The use of these natural, renewable energy resources than the depleting fossil fuels may become possible in the near future, and there is no doubt that a lot of industries are finding ways to maximize their efforts in the use of these resources against coal, oil and natural gas that are soon to exhaust – with most power plants now relying on the mainstream natural energy resources that are less dangerous to produce and harness.

Currently, renewable energy resources are not only present at huge power plantations and industrial establishments. Many residential homes these days are making use of alternative power generating sources that help them save money and energy – a minor breakthrough in the field of power and utilities that may soon become a realization for faster industrialization.

As of now – solar, wind and hydro energy sources are considered as “alternative energy resources” – wherein fact according to data, they are becoming a major replacement of the depleting fossil fuels.

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