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L&K International Training Continues to Offer Wide Range of NERC Compliance Courses

Muddassir Katchi December 9, 2013 Comments Off

There is no doubt. L&K International Training continue to offer its wide range of NERC Compliance courses online – allowing students to take their courses like NERC CE at their most convenient time and place – at an affordable price.

Being the largest online NERC CE provider, it has more than 175 NERC approved courses and more than 380 NERC approved hours.

The NERC Training courses by L&K International Training have been one of the most outstanding courses for learning and understanding NERC standards, applying these standards and implementing these standards. It also focuses on other industry related training in the field of power and utilities, industrial skills, trades and engineering, NERC System Operator Preparation as well as Environmental Health and Safety courses.

Additionally, it also promotes library subscriptions for the following:

  1. Power Generation Training
  2. Power Transmission Training
  3. Power Distribution Training

NERC-Approved Programs and Courses
Due to the efficiency and flexibility of courses delivered to students, their online training courses are NERC approved – meaning it is being recognized by the North American Electric Reliability Corporation to be one of the best training and education program that individuals can enroll to.

The entire NERC library of L&K International Training comprises of the following courses:

  • Applying NERC Standards
  • Blackout 2003
  • Condition Monitoring
  • Controlling to NERC Standards
  • Distribution System Training
  • Electrical Fundamentals
  • Emergency Table Top Drill
  • Gas Turbine Power Generation
  • Grid Dynamics
  • Heat Optimization
  • Hydro Electric Power Plant Operations
  • NERC Compliance
  • Power Plant Control Room Operator
  • Steam-Power and Co-generation
  • System Personnel Training PER-005
  • System Protection Technology
  • Systems Operations Review
  • Transmission System Operations

New Course Releases
Due to its continuous update on their entire course library, L&K International have recently released new courses, ensuring student more in-depth information contents for the course and more relevant items added. Below are among the new course release of L&K International Training:

  • 900 Power Plant Control Room Operator
  • 2500 Gas Turbine Power Generation
  • 2100 System Protection Technology
  • 2700 Hydro Electric Power Plant Operator
  • 7700 Condition Monitoring
  • 7800 Heat Rate Optimization
  • 7100 Electrical fundamentals
  • 1100 Grid Dynamics

As NERC continue to establish better standards in power utilities, generation, transmission and distribution – the role of organizations like L&K International training is to provide the necessary education and training that is relevant to the updates that NERC established. With the rise of online programs, the need for NERC training courses online had became a widely accepted way of coping with these important standards update and ensuring safety on every bulk-power system operations statewide.

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