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An Electricians’ Safety Checklist

Muddassir Katchi December 26, 2013 Comments Off

Gearing up for safety is always the best policy that every electrician should be aware of when doing their job either at construction workplaces or while home servicing. The job of an electrician is not an easy job at all, and like other construction and skill trade jobs, electricians risk their lives too, in repairing and servicing electrical works at construction sites and homes.

And like other industrials jobs that use safety protective gears, electricians also need safety equipments to protect them from possible accidents and dangers in handling electrical works using different equipments and tools.

Having safety guides and signs around their working environment are one of the best ways to ensure their safety – but the most important part of ensuring their safety is through the use of safety protective gears and equipments. Other than that, a handy safety checklist should always be observed and followed by electricians to ensure their safety while doing their work. The safety checklist includes the following:

•    Be aware of the electrical dangers in the workplace. Becoming aware of the structure of the workplace and the electrical components helps the electrician determines the dangers that he or she should avoid or at least take more precaution when working. Electrician continuing education continuously helps electricians to do their job with utmost awareness on their safety and the dangers and risk of their job.
•    Learn how to use safely the electrical components available. Learning how electrical components work also helps an electrician determine the capacity of the electrical component when in used. Every electrical component also has safety guidelines on how to use it, and the electrician is the best individual to perform this safety checks before and after the work.
•    Wear appropriate safety protective gears and equipments. Wearing the right PPE (personal protective equipment) should always be observed by electricians. This protects them from possible getting in contact with electricity or other dangers when handling electrical works.
•    Use electrical tools and equipments safely. Use safely electrical tools at all times and follow the safety guidelines to avoid possible injury or accident that may happen due to misuse of the tools.
•    Make sure that warning signs are present in the work area. Ensuring safety is not only for the workers’ own protection, but also for the safety of those around the workplace environment. Displaying enough safety signs should also be part of the electrician’ safety measures. It also promotes safety awareness to other individuals within the workplace

Keeping this in mind would help reduce the risk that they encounter every time they are at work. It also helps them ensure safety to themselves while working, as well as the safety of other workers in the area.

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