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The Truth About Construction Works

Muddassir Katchi December 23, 2013 Comments Off

Construction sites are among the most dangerous workplaces, as we all know it. It is where perilous situations may happen and the safety of the workers is always at risks. A lot of us don’t know exactly what lies in an everyday life of a construction worker. We tend to look at this job as a simple skill that can be learned by anyone even without proper training and safety education background. But in actuality, such work is also a profession that should not be taken lightly.

In order for us to better understand this profession, below are several facts about it that serve as an eye-opener to everyone – that it’s not a little man’s work, but a work that should be respected.

1.    Construction skills are specially developed skills, not just simple skills.  Workers in this field are specifically trained and developed with skills that they need in doing their job. They don’t only use simple tools and machines. These machines are too complicated to other individuals to operate, while workers in construction sites know exactly how to operate and maneuver the machines for work.
2.    Construction has career paths developments too. Even a simple construction worker has a career path in this field. Sample careers ranges from craft-level trades to management occupations, technical and administrative support occupations and engineering professions.
3.    Construction is a dangerous job that everyone should respect, unless you don’t understand the essence of the field. There is a lot to understand in this field that an individual may not easily understand. Although dangerous it is to anyone’s life, we should understand simply that without construction work – there will be no office building and houses, no commercial areas turned into developed subdivisions, no malls or hospitals, etc.
4.    In construction sites, safety is always a concern. There are also safety measures being implemented at construction sites to ensure the safety of workers involved in it, inside and outside the workplace. The OSHA is the authority responsible for regulating these safety standards while the management of the construction site is responsible for ensuring that they implement safety standards as well as train and educate their employee on its importance.
5.    Pay in the construction could be definitely higher than that of a college or university graduate. Due to career paths available in the field of construction, salary in this field may exceed than those individuals who are university graduates.
6.    Construction can be done any season. Construction is not limited to any season. It can be started and finished anytime, as long as enough workforce and resources is available. This means that job availability is not limited to any season, thus more job opportunities for individuals seeking employment.

Construction safety trainings are among the programs involved when a person is pursuing a career in the said field. During these training programs, specific skills and safety awareness is being developed to ensure the preparedness of the individual in working at areas where his or her safety is at risk.

Therefore, construction is not an easy job with easy training and education. Like other professions, it deserves respect and recognition as a career where an individual could become a successful person too.

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