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Blended Training Solutions for NERC Compliance

Muddassir Katchi December 5, 2013 Comments Off

Learning and applying NERC standards for compliance could be tough – especially for companies who lack the right training option and education to become an efficient NERC compliant group or individual. Even with the presence of online training courses for NERC, it may delude students due to lack of guidance and proper interaction from an instructor, or even lack of study materials to better understand and comprehend the content of the course.

In this post, we are not going to discuss NERC continuing education and training specifics, but will actually look at ways to improve training courses for NERC through blended learning.

Another formula to SUCCESS – Blended Learning
Blended learning has been one of the highly accepted forms of education these days. Almost considered a predecessor of online learning, it transformed into a more convenient and preferred platform for students – specifically for those individuals who don’t have a background about the subject matter at all.

This new orientation is a combination of traditional learning and training methods plus the concept of eLearning. Via this method, a student is expected to attend classroom-based classes, and at the same time, make use of online study materials that can be accessed anytime and anywhere. Through this, there is a higher percentage for the students to better comprehend, understand and grasp the technicalities, important aspects and principles of NERC standards and its application to real-life business and operational situations.

Additionally, face-to-face meeting with the instructor, which is present in blended learning – is a huge factor in terms of knowledge acquisition of the student. Under this circumstance, the instructor can easily monitor the progress of each student under his or her supervision, thus having a better chance to see the development of the student, foresee what areas does he or she need to focus and areas where the student excels. Thus, it covers where eLearning came short thereof, which is better and faster for skills development and progress.

The Good News: 360training.com Aims Blended Training Solutions for NERC Compliance
Seeing the potential of blended learning to improve NERC CE and training programs, 360training.com came up with the possibility of implementing blended training solutions for NERC CE Compliance and open opportunities to cater other forms of related training programs in a much ‘effective’ way, which may include generation training, transmission training and distribution training.

So please join us on our upcoming webinar entitled “How To Implement A Blended Training Solutions for NERC CE Compliance” this coming August 14, 2013, Wednesday led by Mr. Jack Allen – an experienced professional in the field of electric utility operations, maintenance and engineering.

Click here  and register for free on this eye-opening webinar.

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